Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sister's Suntanning by the pool!

Kira's sweet new friend Kari, her husband Rob, and their child Carter have a pool at their apartment complex so Kira and I went to do some relaxing, swimming and suntanning a month or so ago. Well, we had fun together, like we always do!! I love my siblings so much and I love how we have never fought or argued before!! Growing up, my sister and I only remember having two arguments/fights. We were really young. I think we had just moved to Thousand Oaks so I was about 10 or 11 and Kira was about 7 or 8, if I remember right. The first one is this: I had been doing my homework on the floor in the bedroom we shared. Kira was tired so she wanted to go to sleep. I was on a roll so I didn't want to move into the other room. Kira kept asking me if I could do my homework elsewhere and I would not budge. She said she couldn't sleep with the light on so I told her to cover her head. Then she said she can't breath if she covered her head. I didn't want to have to move all my books and stuff, so I think I ended up staying in the room. What a little brat I was!!! Another instance of something bratty I did was this: Kira was in our room and she asked me if I could get her a towel. I told her "no" or "what do you say?" because I wanted her to say please. She socked me in the stomach. HAHA. I feel bad for telling on her because then she got in trouble. Oh man, I can't even imagine getting into any kind of argument or fight with her now. We are so close!


Leah said...

You look great, Shelsi!