Thursday, October 2, 2008

Body Worlds

My mom Sheri, brother Jamin, and hubby Eric and I went to the California Science Center to see the IMAX movie of the human body and the exhibit called body worlds in Los Angeles the last weekend it was there on the 6th of September. It was incredible!!! In the IMAX it shows a camera going down and into the stomach. I could not watch it because when I saw all the acids and badly chewed food floating around I gagged! Very interesting, though. The exhibit had everything you could imagine! Real babies at 9 weeks old, the human heart, bodies with no skin, a giraff with no skin or fur cut down the middle so that we could see the inside, etc. It sounds gross, but to me, it was incredible to see the amazing creations of God and the complexity of every living being!


Leah said...

So, were you very squeamish? I want to go see the show here in Salt Lake but I'm afraid I might puke or something. Is it gross?

Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

How fun.. I really wanted to go to that.. maybe we can make it before they move the expo

elegyrl said...

Hey Shelsi! Renee Conaway here! How are you doing! I came across your blog from someone else's. i hope you don't mind I added you to my following list! How's life?? Wasn't this exhibit great?