Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New Update Has Finally Arrived!

YAY!! I am so exciting to be blogging again! A lot has happened since my last update a century ago. First off, I am thrilled to say that I have completed a semester at Moorpark College which leaves me with one more semester there and then I'll be able to graduate with my A.A. in General Studies and my A.S. in Child Development! Hurray! I have been singing more lately as well! I sang a solo at our ward Relief Society enrichment dinner and my sis Kira, brother Jamin and I sang Silient Night for his singles ward in Simi Valley. It was the first time we all sang together and it was a very special experience. Our parents were there which was a real blessing for us all! I will be singing Friday night for our ward Christmas dinner and concert and I think Kira will be accompanying me to a song she wrote. I am feeling so blessed with my recent opportunities to sing. That is my true passion!

My sis Kira and her 3 month old Jordan Derek Sanoja

What are these?

Bro Jamin, sis, and me

Me and Daddy

Mom Sheri and her new husband Steve Lawson

Jamin and Mom

Nephews Tony and A.J.

Me and Mom

Me and Dad

Mimi's Cafe

Eric and his third wife (lol)

Eric & I carved a pumpkin over at our new friends condo, Violet and Tom(Sorry about the wrong name) Lufkin

Me and precious little Emma who I met at Goodwill while looking around with my mom. She and her brother and mom were out supporting Prop.8 and we just happened to see each other that night! A wonderful surprise!

Me and Jamin at Mom & Steve's place for Thanksgiving

Kira, Jordan, Me, and Mom celebrating Thanksgiving at her and Steve's condo in Laguna Beach.

Eric, his dad Lew, and his brothers Dodd and Kirk went fishing for the day for Lew's Birthday

Beautiful Sunrise pictures that Eric took on the boat

Eric & his fish

My Gingerbread Man

Beautiful sunset in our backyard in Camarillo

Another cool sky

My friend for over 15 years, Davianne Hughes. She came for a visit! She lives in Utah now. :(