Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Schools Out!

Hey Everyone! School is out so I finally have time to update my blog! The semester went by extremely fast and I was very busy and now I don't know what to do with myself. I'm trying to stay productive so I don't get bored. It's weird not having homework to do. I am taking Spanish over the summer but that doesn't start until June 14th. I wish it started now. I'm really looking forward to it! The fall and spring semester are going to be crazy. I will be taking four 3 unit classes and one 4 unit class both semesters and the 4 unit class I will be given a child care center to student teach at for thirty 6 hour days. I'm a little nervous about everything but I think once the first few weeks of the semester are over I'll have the hang of things. Then I'll graduate in May next year! I feel like it's just around the corner the way time has been flying by!

This is the complimentary Birthday dessert for Eric.
He turned 29!

We went to Mom & Steve's place in
Laguna Beach for Easter! We had a lot of fun!

A.J. wanted to be like his older brother,
Tony, and climb this wall but he was scared
to climb back down so Andrew is helping him.
So cute!

Mom, Kira, and Me hanging out together!

That's my nephew Tony up there!
He climbed up that wall! Amazing!

A.J. climbed up after him! 5-years-old!

Isn't my nephew, Jordan adorable!? Someone
cracked a flower filled egg on his head. It's a Sanoja
tradition on Easter to hike in Wildwood and
then have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Everyone
cracks confetti and flower eggs on each others heads.
I wonder who came up with that idea...

Can you tell where Tony and A.J.
get their climbing skills from?

Daughters with their Daddy!

Sisters & Best Friends!

A.J. and me enjoying a hike and stopping
to get our picture taken by Kira!

Last but not least, dad and me playing tennis!
Ever since my lessons a year ago I absolutely
LOVE playing tennis and wish I had someone
to play with EVERY DAY!!