Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Lot of New & Random Pictures

Whenever I put this wig on, it always looks so much poofier in the mirror than when I see it in a picture. I love this wig!!

Woo Hoo!!! I graduated from Moorpark College!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Mom & Me

Dad & Me

My Sweet Nephew Jordan!

We were celebrating my Nephew Tony's 8th Birthday @ Laserstar
Celebrating Father's Day, Jamin's Birthday, & My Birthday @ Sanoja's!

LOL! My sister makes me laugh!!!

Jamin & Kelly are oh so cute together!!!
Uncle Eric playing with Tony & A.J. Gotta Love It!!!

The cake my Mom got for the party she & my sis Kira threw for me! Thanks!!
I can curl my hair now!!

Eric and I went to Olive Garden for his Birthday! I'm making a silly face, aren't I!

Pics of me wearing my different wigs! I love all my wigs!!

I got this hat from another cancer patient! I love it!!

Eric spent many hours editing video's his scouts acted in for Camarillo 2nd Ward 2009 Academy Awards!! His guys acted out the Strippling Warriors.
What a fun event!!!

And last but not least, my wonderful Grandma Hancock's amazing oil painting of Jesus Christ.
This is a print of the actual painting which is a lot larger in size.