Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Bunch of Random Pictures!

On our way to Wood Ranch for our 4 Year Anniversary!

Lew (my father-in-law) is holding a giant radish
from their garden! We were laughing so hard at it!
Hmmm.....I think that should have been pulled a
while ago. = ) LOL!!

I always forget what this stuff is called. I should have
taken a picture before. All the metal was in one very
tight and very long....cord thingy? Anywho, it took me
hours to unravel it all to get the wire. It was fun! Eric's
job for me was pulling all this wire out of cables
and stuff. I guess you can recycle it. It was fun!

Mom & I are waiting for my blood work at Cedar's.
I think we were waiting for the results of my
scans as well. Scans were all clear!!

It was my scans because I remember we went to eat
after the Brain MRI and before the PET CT at
the hospital cafeteria.

This was at Lucy Sanoja's wedding. She is my
brother-in-law's sister. My sister was the
photographer! She is very talented!!

Us at the reception!

My precious nephew, Jordan!

Another precious nephew, A.J.

Random self-photo on way to wedding!