Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Anniversary & Trip To Utah & Las Vegas

It smells so good!!!
I was exagerating. I don't really smell roses like that.

I want to eat it!!!

La La, Yah Yah, I'm a rockstar!

Eric bought me roses for our anniversary!
He's so sweet!!

We went to Wood Ranch for dinner. It was really good!!

That's an AVON necklace I'm wearing!

Eric & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary
on September 10th! We wanted to go to
Vegas for a weekend but when Eric's friend
Richard Hales called and asked if we could
go to Utah for him and his wife Nancy's first
baby blessing, we decided to make it a longer
vacation. Wish I would have got a picture of
their beautiful little baby Molly but this is the
only picture I got. LOL. They're a fun couple!
I wish we lived closer!!! Thanks for letting us
stay at your place guys! We had a great time
with you!! We left early on Saturday the 26th
and stayed in Ogden at their place two nights
and left Monday morning. Then we drove to
Vegas making some stops along the way! It
was an awesome and very memorable trip
that was much needed!!!

I was in love with all the horses in Utah!!!

I haven't seen my cousin Terry for over 10 years.
How sad is that?! Him & his wife Nicole's children
Tyler & Kylie (sorry if I spelled that wrong) were so
young and now Kylie is 16 & Tyler is 14? Crazy. Tyler
just happened to be home sick so we got to see Terry
and his kids. Aunt Lanna came over to say hi and
Uncle Johnny was near by so we got to see him
as well! Eric hadn't met any of them. I can't remember
if he met Aunt Lanna, though. It was awesome! They
all live in Parowan, Utah. They told us we had to drive
through Brian Head because all the leaves were
changing colors and I am soooo happy we did!!!
Thanks guys!! Sorry we couldn't visit longer but
I am so grateful we got to see you!!

This is an Elk that Terry shot with a bow & arrow
I believe. It fed their family for a couple years!!!

These beautiful pictures are from the drive
we took through Brian Head, Utah.
True and stunning beauty!

Eric took all the amazing panoramic pictures!
I don't know if these pics even capture the real
beauty but you can probably imagine being there!!!

It was pretty windy so my hair is flying away!

Like my new hairstyle!?

Brian Head Beauty

I was in heaven driving through these
mountains in Utah! So breathtaking!!!

These beautiful trees are growing up
through black lava rocks!!!
So cool looking!!!

After Brian Head we drove to Vegas and saw my
sister Kira, her hubby Andrew, and their sweet
boys Tony, A.J, and Jordan. We had so much fun
visiting with them!!!
I'm bummed I didn't get
of my nephew's, though.

The Silly Sisters

This is the view of the pool from our room

Behind us is the lazy river!!! That was awesome!!!

We are waiting to go on a helicopter
ride over Vegas!!!!

We are on the shuttle to the airport.

This is a picture from a video we
took from the helicopter!

This is the shuttle ride after the
helicopter ride! It was so FUN!!!!

We visited the dolphin habitat at the Mirage.
They had a ton of awesome animals there!!

Doesn't Eric look awesome in that shirt!
I bought it for him!

Darn gate was in the way of my pictures! LOL

Magnificent King of the Jungle

Beautiful white tigers!! They are pretty young
and some were just getting their stripes!
They were wrestling around with each other.
It was so cute!!!!

Killing time before the show. This was some
Beatles thing that changed colors.
It was so cool looking!!

In our seats and waiting for the show to begin!!!

After we visiting the habitat we went to the
Terry Fator show. For those of you who don't know
who he is, he won America's Got Talent a couple
seasons ago. His show is hilarious and Awesome!!
He is a singing impersonating ventriliquist who is
amazing and talented!! We would highly
recommnend seeing him if you are ever in Vegas!

We bought his DVD and had him sign it!
He stuck around to give everyone an autograph
and there was a photographer that took
everyone's picture with Terry. It was awesome!
Eric was videotaping since we couldn't
use a flash but the flash of the photographer lit
up the video so I made a picture from that!!
So cool!!!!

On our way to the temple! I look tired.

We went to the temple on Friday before
the show that night. It was wonderful!

This place in the Bellagio is all decorated
for Halloween! It was so AWESOME!!!

We are in our seats at Cirque Du Soleil. The stage
didn't light up in the picture but it looked
awesome! This was such an amazing show. It was
an aqua show and it was so cool! When you see
people do things like they did during this show
you are just in awe of what the human body is
capable of! At least I was! One girl balanced on her
head on a little bar high up in the air! Incredible!!!!

On Saturday we hung out by the pool all day and relaxed.
My sister and the boys came over later that day and
our old friend Jessica Marshall came over and hung
out. It just happened that she lives right by where we
were staying. It was fun to visit and catch up!
We left Vegas on Sunday and now we're back to our
normal school and work lives. Life is wonderful!!!!!