Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Old Shelsi

This is my fun new blond wig! I love it! I feel like my old self again when I wear it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting Better!

All the prayers and medication are working! Thank heavens! I was only in a little pain today but other than that I've been feeling great! My rashes are going away and my nurse told me I would be able to be around my pregnant sister and other people on Thursday. What a relief! It is so hard staying away from my sis and her boys and the rest of my family but I would NOT want them to end up getting the shingles too. What a mean and horrible disease. I have an appointment with my Doctor on the 26th for some blood work. Not too exciting. The less to do the better. Well, I will try to post some pictures Saturday when Eric and his brother's family and possibly my brother-in-law and his boys are having fun swimming. = ( I wanna go! I'll just have to be patient and wait until I am no longer contagious. Anyway, I met this really sweet woman in Costco a while back. Of course I was not wearing any hat or wig and I was wearing my purple cancer survivor shirt so she could see that I was just finishing a battle with cancer. I gave her a business card with my information on it. We have been talking a lot on the phone and are planning on getting together soon. Oh yeah, she has been battling cancer for a while now. She looks great and is a real doll! I really enjoy our conversations! And my other cancer buddy Alena is going to be coming down next week so I'll be able to see her!! YAY for Cancer Fighting Chicks! And YAY for all chicks. We don't always have the easiest life, but we are strong and unbreakable if we stick together!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Not So Fun =(

For the past several days I have been having some pain in back. It started out with just a mild discomfort on my left shoulder blade muscle. Then it started getting worse. Soon after, a rash started to appear below my collar bone and I started feeling very sharp prickly pains. Everything was on my left side. Of course I started worrying that it was the C word back to take over my life again. When I e-mailed my nurse and doctor about all of my symptoms, my nurse Seda immediately knew what was going on with me. Can anyone guess what I had and will still have for the next few weeks? SHINGLES! They are like adult chicken pox. I didn't know much about shingles but I do now. This is the most painful disease I've ever felt. Fortunately it is treatable!! The pain from shingles is definitely up there with getting my portacath in my leg put in and taken out. When I got to the hospital yesterday for my appointment with Seda to determine for sure that I had shingles, I had to be in a wheelchair because of the pain and even sitting down in it was painful! Sometimes it would be so bad that my body would tremble and tears would well up in my eyes. Now I can understand what someone with shingles is going through. NOT FUN, I TELL YOU! NOT FUN!!! If anyone has been around me at all over the past few days, be aware of any unexplained pain or rashes on your skin. I will be contagious for two more weeks. Adults usually won't catch this unless they are really stressed or they are sick and their immune system is low. Kids can catch the chicken pox if they haven't already had them so I cannot be around them until I am no longer contagious. My dad has a gift of healing and he became overwhelmed with the feeling that I would feel better soon when he prayed for me and blessed me. This was before we found out it was shingles and not cancer. I am feeling better and better every day! I am always reminded when I am in pain that Jesus knows exactly how I feel and that He went through so much more pain than all the pain I will ever feel in my entire lifetime. That is pretty unfathomable to think about.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. If you haven't heard about the book my mom spent hours and hours putting together, here is some info. about it. It has a bald picture of me on the cover and a picture with me wearing a wig after finding out I am cancer-free! It is a very professional book with about 160 pages. Fifty or so of those are colored pictures of me and family or friends throughout the cancer journey and a few of Eric and me on our wedding day. The rest of the book has messages from people who signed the guest book on the shelsisentinel website, blog updates and thoughts from me, and more!! It is only $18 if you would like a copy! The profit will go to Eric & I which we will give to families in need. Anyway, thanks for all of your love and support! Love you all!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Fun!!!

My Grandparents from Canada, Keith & Connie, arrived last Monday. We enjoyed spending time with one another! They took us out for ice cream, which has been a tradition since I can remember. They also took us all out for our Birthday's to Soup Plantation. My grandma's Birthday was in April. Eric & Tony's were in May. My brother Jamin & mine were in June. My grandpa, dad, Gretchen, Andrew, & Kira's were in July. My mom's was in August and Kira's baby will be due September 28th. A.J.'s is on October 4th. All of us except my mom were there. We missed her, though, but she will be out this weekend for Kira's baby shower! Monday we went to Neptune's Net on the P.C.H. and Jamin, Kira, A.J., Tony, and I went to the beach for a few hours. It was the perfect day! Gma, Gpa, & Dad met us there for a little while. We had a great time!

Cool Picture of a Bubble

Eric & me at Soup Plantation Celebrating all the Summer Birthdays
Jamin, A.J., Tony & Me at Neptune's Net on a Beautiful Day
Doesn't he look good holding Dodd & Amy's baby Micah?!
I LOVE when the clouds look like this!!

I took these pictures by the costco gas station after the beach
Sisters Enjoying a Day at the Beach
Grandpa & Grandma Hancock & Me at Neptunes Net
Daddy & Me

Friday, August 1, 2008

Party Info

For those of you who did not receive an evite for my cancer free party, here is the info. It is being held at the home of Pam & Rex Henderson 165 San Miguel Dr. Camarillo 93010 from 5-7 on Saturday August 2nd. Everyone is welcome! Please R.S.V.P. if you can come! Thanks!!