Friday, February 27, 2009

Click on Baby Jordan to see the Cutest Picture of my Nephew

Baby Jordan-

Thursday, February 26, 2009


These are out of order but the picture below is Eric & me at Magic Mountain on Monday Dec. 29th. We were supposed to meet up with my brother, Jamin, and his friends up we didn't end up seeing each other. We all still had fun, though!!
Eric's friend Beau (from mission in North Carolina), Beau's sweet wife Melissa, and their CUTE baby boy Jamison. We met up at Universal City Walk and had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Much fun we did have! I wish they lived closer!
Valentine's Day Whale Watching Tour


Siblings being goofy on New Years!

Sisters!! After Christmas Concert for Camarillo 2nd Ward Party. She played her song and I sang along to it. "Christ my Son"

Christmas Eve at Kira & Andrew's

A lot has happened since my last update! I started another semester at Moorpark College. I will be getting an Associates degree in Child Development in May. YAY!!! I don't really know what I'm going to do with that. I have also decided that I would really LOVE to study performing arts at Cal State University Channel Islands.

So I went to Cedar's Hospital to have my body and brain scans done again just to make sure I'm still free of C. I AM!!! HURRAY!!! Now I have another dumb cold and cough. ARGG!! Well, at least I can say it's not cancer, right?! I'm on antibiotics for 5 days so I should be feeling a lot better in a few days! My first cold about a month ago(?) started going away and then my hubby got sick from working crazy hours and being out in the rain. So, I got the cold back but this time it was worse. I'm feeling better now. Talk about annoying, huh? Well, despite my poor hubby wubby being sick Valentine's weekend, I planned a whale watching tour for Saturday morning. Neither of us had ever gone and I thought that we really needed to do something special since the last 2 Valentine's we spent were in the hospital. We had a blast! We saw tons of dolphins that swam along side the ship, a couple whales and their tales from a distance, lots of birds, and some seals! 3 1/2 hours worth of fun in the sun on the sea!

We went to my sister's place to celebrate New Years with her family & friends and had some much needed fun and saying good-bye to 2008! As you can see my hair is getting longer. It's now a different color, unfortunately. After I had my sister's friend do some blond highlights, my hair turned a brassy color. It's just so baby fine that lightening it doesn't work well. Hopefully in a few months, though, it will be longer and stronger so that I can get back to a pretty blond color. I'm fine with it for now. I HAVE HAIR ON MY HEAD!!! And a FEW INCHES for that matter!!!! Exciting!!! Very Exciting! I have had several dreams that I look in the mirror and my hair is long and blond again. The dreams don't make me sad when I wake up from them, but happy that my hair will be long again someday! HURRAY!!

I am doing field work and student teaching for a Child Development class at Moorpark and the place I am working is CLU Early Childhood Center. I haven't been able to go this week because of my cough but I miss them. There are two head teachers and only 6 children on the day that I come to help out. One is 2 years old, four are 2 1/2, and one is 3 years old. They are very cute!

So I guess that wraps up my update for now. I hope your 2009 all is off to a good start! I can't believe it will be March already in a couple days!!!