Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well, I am still in the hospital and will be for another 8 days or so. As most of you probably already know I was done with the collection of stem cells in a day so that was a huge blessing and things were able to progress a week earlier! The procedure of the double tunneled catheter wasn't too bad. It only took about 20 minutes! I was sore for several days after but not any more. Chemo went well. I feel a little bit of the effects from it today but they aren't too bad. My counts are slowly dropping. My white blood cell count is at 1.5 today and the normal is 4-11. I haven't run a fever yet, but still may within the next couple of days. It's pretty boring here but at least I have the internet and T.V. if I get too bored. My mom has been staying with me this week and she will be leaving tomorrow to trade places with my hubby who I miss so very much! My friend Laura came to visit me! We had a great time catching up and watching funny videos on You Tube! Thanks for the visit! You are an awesome friend! Well, I guess that's about all I have to say for now. Hope you are all doing very well! Thank you for all of your love and prayers! I see them at work every single day! Love and miss you all!


Alena said...

Yeah! Im so glad that things are moving along. You are in my heart and prayers always. I cant wait to see you up and running again. Dream of those days when you are going to be running in a field with flowers and butterflies...its coming!

Heather and Spencer said...

Glad to hear things are going so well! Hope they continue to go great and that you continue feeling well through the whole process! Take care!

Davianne said...

WooHoo!! The end is in sight!!

Oh, if you're in need of something cute and funny you should check out this YouTube that Ben and Esther have on their blog. I love it! It makes me want to adopt a little british boy!

Kents said...

I am thinking of you often. I'm so glad you wrote on your blog. YouTube is awesome. I am addicted to clips of Kristin Chenoweth. If you watch the ones of Wicked it will get you excited to go!!! Whahoo, I can't wait. Also, she has a great song, called Taylor, the Latte Boy. Watch that one too. I'm crazy. Love, love, love ya and and pray for you daily. Enjoy your time with your hubby.

Vanessa said...

Hi Shelsi!
I am SO happy to hear that things are going well and you get to go home soon!!!! YAY!!! I just watched that cute slide show that your mom made! I wish I could come visit you! Well, keep smiling! We're praying for you!
p.s. Youtube makes me laugh too..I especially love watching bloopers!! Muah!!

Anna Costa said...

Hi Shel,
I am so relieved that it seems this might all be over very soon. I read every single one of your mom's emails and I'm just thrilled that the end is in sight!

Anna Costa (Cusworth)

Candace said...

I heard you are back home. I hope everything is going well. I think about you all the time. Let me know when you are up to see visitors, I would like to come and say hi for just a second. I hope all is well..