Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sign-Ups For Cancer-Free Celebration

If everyone could post a message here with what you would like to bring or e-mail me and I will post it for you, that would be very helpful! Hope to see you all there! The items to choose from are as follows:
Main Dish, Snacks/Side Dish, Salad, Dessert, Drinks


Shelsi said...

Janet Kent - Lasagna

Jaimee said...

Jaimee Seay - Brownies

Kents said...

Kirsten Kent--chips

maritabonita said...

I'll bring ceviche.

Heather and Spencer said...

Heather Talley~Cookies

Shelsi said...

Mike & Nikki Waller - Salad

Pam & Rex Henderson - 7-layer bean dip w/tortilla chips, salsa, & guacamole

Dave & Diane Benson - Chicken Enchiladas

Mike & Sherry Hansen - Cookies & Junk

Hunters - Watermelon

Valerie said...


Shelsi said...

Amy Stolworthy - Cake

Carla Williams - Salad

Shelsi said...

Trish & Alan Sisson - Green Salad

Dad & Gretchen - Strawberries

Lew & Lorrie - 2 casseroles & potato Salad

Kira & Andrew - Casserole

Laura Hubbs - Chips

Kathy Jo Perry - Fruit, Graham Crackers, & Marshmallows