Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick Update for those who check this often!

Hey everyone!! Sorry it is taking me so long to do an update. Some of you know I started taking a guitar class at Moorpark College. It is 8-10:20 in the morning M-Th. It's actually not too bad getting up that early. The class is so much fun and I am learning so much!! I'm also taking an on-line class that will be going towards my Associates. The class is Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition and I just got my first test grade back, which I aced! Yay!! Eric and I are going away for our Birthday's this weekend. His was in May but he worked so we really didn't get to have a celebration for him except the get together with his family. Mine is on Sunday so I am very excited for the weekend! Thank you to any of you that sent Eric and I spending money for our trip! And thank you mom for the $$ and Birthday card and for having that idea! It will be very helpful!!! Well, I will do another update with pictures from our Vegas get-away. Until then, we can all pray that my Brain MRI and full body P.E.T. CT Scan on Tuesday shows once and for all that I am Cancer-Free!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie,
I'm so happy and grateful that you're getting back to your "normal" self - whatever that is:-) Seeing you have the energy to take classes, and do the other things you enjoy just lifts my heart.

The idea for your birthday wasn't actually mine - it was Kira's. She contacted the family and suggested that maybe rather than gifts for your b-day you could use money for your trip, and that's how that got started.

Well, you two have a WONDERFUL time and stay cool. Call when you get back. Love you~Mom

Kents said...

Happy Birthday! When do you leave and come back so I can stop by? Your birthday is the same as my brother-in-law Jeremy. You'll be in our prayers for the test results. Love to you! Have a wonderful trip!

Davianne said...

I so happy that you two get to have a little get away! I can't wait to see the fun you'll have there. And of course I'll be praying for you as always.

Have fun and be safe this weekend!!

Vanessa said...

I hope you guys have fun! Happy Birthday, Shelsi!!

Ryan and Brandi (Ryno and Berni) said...

Shelsi! It is SO good to hear from you! Thanks for the address. I will DEFINITELY send an invitation your way. The reception isn't until July 12th so if you and Eric are around I would LOVE to see you! Have a wonderful birthday! You are [and have been] in my DAILY prayers. I love you!


Valerie said...

Enjoy your trip and happiest birthday to you!

Davianne said...

Hi there!
How was your getaway? Hope you are doing well.