Friday, May 16, 2008

I Need An Address

Hey everyone! I'm not sure if she looks at my blog but I am looking for the home address of Serene Yoo. I have a long overdue thank you card to send her from forever ago.



Anie said...

Hey! I just added you as a link on my blog!! It was fun hanging out with you today! Call me if you ever get bored and need someone to hang out with!!!

Ryan and Brandi (Ryno and Berni) said...

Shelsi!! Hey I need your address so I can send you and Eric a wedding invitation! Love you!!
-Brandi McVay

Serene said...

Hey, It's Serene. Devin Perry called me a bit a go for my address, but I'm going through my own trials right now and just need sometime. Sorry, for not respondig sooner.

I pray all is well with you and Eric.

No thanks needed, but here is my address.

3662 S Centinela Ave, apt 7
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Anie said...

Hey Shelsi! Can I get your email address?? I'm trying to get evites sent out for Madi's birthday party. I also need Kirk and/or valerie's if you have them. You can email me at, or just message back on my blog! Thanks SO much! Hope things are going well. See you when I get back! :)