Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Well, Christmas is over now. It has been a wonderful one! Saturday we celebrated with Eric's family. We had a very nice time!! Then Sunday we went to my sisters and celebrated with her family, my mom, her boyfriend Steve, and his brother and mom, Peg and Jeff. Another very nice time! I told my mom that I wanted a compilation of poetry and short stories that she has written over the years for Christmas. I completely forgot I told her that and that was her project for us for Christmas, amongst other things. It brought tears to my eyes and I will cherish it forever and ever! Monday night we went to my dad's house to celebrate. There were lots of people including my dad's fiance, her sister and fiance, her brother, her son and daughter and their children, my sis and her family and my brother. There was tons of yummy food! Then Tuesday morning Eric and I celebrated our little Christmas together! He got me the tiniest, cutest little video camera ever!!! I was so excited!!!! Then we went to my sisters and hung out till eleven. So, those were all of our Christmas celebrations! A little update on the cancer treatments.....I have finished 17 radiation treatments. Fortunately the only real side effect I am having is a really red itchy forehead. I go for a CT scan on Friday morning to see what the tumor is looking like and I may or may not be receiving 4 extra focal treatments. My radiologist here in town wants to, my neurologist at Cedars says its not necessary, and my radiologist from Cedars says we can do it later. Hmmm.....kinda annoying that there isn't one general opinion. Anyways, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year!!!


Davianne said...

Merry Christmas you two! Glad you had a good christmas.

That is annoying that every Dr is giving you a diffent answer. Well, good luck for tomorrow! Hope your head stops itching soon. :D