Saturday, December 1, 2007


I had a great Thanksgiving! Thursday we celebrated at home with Lew & Lorrie, my wonderful in-laws. Eric's brothers and their families came to join us as well as his grandma and aunt and their friends from Lancaster. We took some family pictures. We had some really good food and had some yummy dessert! It was a nice day! Friday we went to Hometown Buffet to celebrate Thanksgiving with my dad, brother, sister, and her boys. Good stuff there! Then we went back to my dad's, hung out, went in the spa, and watched a movie called Innerspace from the '80's. It was actually a pretty cool and funny movie! Saturday we headed off to my mom's in Aliso Viejo. On the way we saw a car fire. No flames but it was smoking like crazy and a cop was just arriving. We stopped at the L.A. Auto Show where my brother-in-law was working to sell tools. We walked around for a couple hours and met my dad and brother there. There were some really nice cars. My favorite was the car covered in crystals! Could you imagine getting in an accident driving that! Diamonds scattered all over the scene of the accident! We left from there with my brother to go to my moms. We enjoyed another fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks mom!

Things I am Thankful For:
~Eternal Families
~The true gospel in my life
~The atonement of Jesus Christ
~The beauty in nature
~Service, whether by me or given to me
~The temple
~Inspiring new friends and people
~Funny or uplifting movies!
~Good books
~This trial to mold me into the person God wants me to

The list could go on and on!


Katie Fish said...

Wow! 3 days of Thanksgiving!! Lucky! :)

The Jones's said...

Sounds like you, too, had a great Thanksgiving. You should check out my blog,, to see pictures. I also put a video of one of our flying squirrel's jumping off our balcony. It's very funny. One of my husband's favorite movies is Innerspace!! He recommended it to my sister and they loved it!