Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Pics

Hey Everyone! Before I get to the pictures I want to give you a little update about me! I just finished summer school, Spanish, at Moorpark College. I have two more semesters at CSU Channel Islands so I will be graduating in May '11! I'm very excited! My major is Early Childhood Studies so I hope to get a good job with benefits working with infants after I graduate. I will be taking 16 units (5 classes) both semesters (Fall & Spring) and there is a class each semester that requires 180 hours of student teaching. I am still cancer free and next month will be my 2 1/2 year cancer freemark!!! Hurray!!

I think this was a birthday dinner for me at Wood Ranch BBQ. Yummy!!!

Jordan and me!

Sisters back together!!

How cute is this picture!!!

Tony & Andrew: Handsome Father & Son!!

Kira & Age: Good lookin' Mother & Son!!!

HAHA!! A.J. is too funny!!!!

The cool guys!

Making goofy faces is so much more
fun than regular old smiles!

What a good lookin' family!!

At least one of us looks good!!

Kira cracks me up!!! LOL

I think I should blow this picture up and frame it!!!

What a good lookin' couple! HAHA!!

Jordan is growing up too fast!!

I love my handsome nephews!!

What an awesome big smile Tony has!!!

Carla, Dad, Me, Eric, Grandpa & Grandma Hancock
at dinner. I can't remember when or for what
occasion but we had a nice time!!!

A beautiful day with my Mom
& Steve in Laguna Beach!!!

My Mom is so sweet!! She came out on my Birthday
from Laguna Beach! We went to this Thai restaurant
for lunch and had some really amazing food. Then we
went to get manicures. Somewhere in there, I can't
remember, we went to Ross where she found a couple
cute outfits, one of which she's wearing in the pic above.
So cute!! Thank you so much, Mom! I had such a
great time with you on my birthday!!!!
I don't have any pictures of that day. = (

Cassandra & Laura at Laura's Bridal Shower!!!

Congratulations Laura!!!


KandyLane Photography said...

That was a great update! You are fantabulous!!! I got a kick out of those pictures!!!!! I LOVE them! I love you too shel :-) You are the bestest sister in the whole entire world! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Three Graves said...

I loved all the pictures. WOOHOO for being cancer free for so long. It is hard to believe it was that long ago, it still feels so fresh. You look so beautiful and happy. And your family silly face pictures totally made my day. Kira is the most talented though. I have never seen faces like hers. Awesome! Love and miss you!

Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

Looks like you've been having a great time! Can't wait to see more! Yay for all your acheivements! You are amazing and I hope school treats you well over the next two semesters.

Relationship said...

All of the photos are really cute..Love all of your smile..

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