Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little Christmas & New Year's

Eric's brother and sister-in-law, Kirk & Valerie,
had a new baby. She is so sweet, petite, and
beautiful. Her name is Natalia.

My Lovely Mother and her kind
and loving hubby, Steve.

We spent the night at Mom & Steve's place in
Laguna Beach on New Year's Day to celebrate
Christmas! We had a blast playing
the Nintendo
Wii, eating, and just talking and hanging out!

My handsome and charming brother,
Jamin & his beautiful and fun girlfriend,
Kelly! We all drove out together!

We are missing someone.....who is it? Kira! Her and
her family couldn't be here with us because
they are in their new place in Las Vegas!
We missed you guys! =(

Mom & Steve have a gorgeous crystal collection
that was given to them by a very dear friend
who battled cancer and is watching from above now.

My mom is such an amazing and inspiring woman!!
I love her so much and I am so grateful
for all she does for me and those aroun her!

On our way to mom's we stopped to see the
Los Angeles LDS Temple lights. These pictures
do not even come close to the colors of the
amazingly beautiful lights. I am so grateful
we were able to see them! Oh yeah! We took
some video too that we can make pictures
from so as soon as I do that I will post them
so you can see the vibrant colors on the trees!

I'm sure you can tell when this picture was
taken by the lovely date stamp on my chin!

Happy New Year!!! Muah ah ah ah....!

Yeah.....we get a little silly late at night. LOL

We were asked to chaperone the New Years dance
for the youth but we showed up in jeans and T-shirts
and it was a church dress dance. They didn't really
need our help because they had a lot of other
chaperone's so we were happy about that. I had been
organizing our room all day and was exhausted.
We watched a couple Fringe episodes and barely
made it to midnight. How pathetic
is that?! We're not even in our 30's yet! =)

I'm pooped! Nite Nite!


Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

Haha.. fun new years pictures...

Davianne said...

LOVE your new little niece's name!! What fun you guys are having.