Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Lot of New & Random Pictures

Whenever I put this wig on, it always looks so much poofier in the mirror than when I see it in a picture. I love this wig!!

Woo Hoo!!! I graduated from Moorpark College!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Mom & Me

Dad & Me

My Sweet Nephew Jordan!

We were celebrating my Nephew Tony's 8th Birthday @ Laserstar
Celebrating Father's Day, Jamin's Birthday, & My Birthday @ Sanoja's!

LOL! My sister makes me laugh!!!

Jamin & Kelly are oh so cute together!!!
Uncle Eric playing with Tony & A.J. Gotta Love It!!!

The cake my Mom got for the party she & my sis Kira threw for me! Thanks!!
I can curl my hair now!!

Eric and I went to Olive Garden for his Birthday! I'm making a silly face, aren't I!

Pics of me wearing my different wigs! I love all my wigs!!

I got this hat from another cancer patient! I love it!!

Eric spent many hours editing video's his scouts acted in for Camarillo 2nd Ward 2009 Academy Awards!! His guys acted out the Strippling Warriors.
What a fun event!!!

And last but not least, my wonderful Grandma Hancock's amazing oil painting of Jesus Christ.
This is a print of the actual painting which is a lot larger in size.


Violet and Thomas said...

I love your wigs!!!! Cute pictures!

Davianne said...

You are too cute!! Congrats again on your graduation. And that's awesome that you can curl your hair! It's so cute!!

Michael Costa said...

I love the blonde wig's cause it reminds me of when we were growing up! It reminds me of the old shelsi I remember! :) xoxo

(This Anna BTW.)

Jessica said...

Looking beautiful, as always!

Vanessa said...

Cute picture, Shelsi! Congrats on graduating and for your 1 yr cancer free celebration!! I'm so happy for you!