Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Fun!!!

My Grandparents from Canada, Keith & Connie, arrived last Monday. We enjoyed spending time with one another! They took us out for ice cream, which has been a tradition since I can remember. They also took us all out for our Birthday's to Soup Plantation. My grandma's Birthday was in April. Eric & Tony's were in May. My brother Jamin & mine were in June. My grandpa, dad, Gretchen, Andrew, & Kira's were in July. My mom's was in August and Kira's baby will be due September 28th. A.J.'s is on October 4th. All of us except my mom were there. We missed her, though, but she will be out this weekend for Kira's baby shower! Monday we went to Neptune's Net on the P.C.H. and Jamin, Kira, A.J., Tony, and I went to the beach for a few hours. It was the perfect day! Gma, Gpa, & Dad met us there for a little while. We had a great time!

Cool Picture of a Bubble

Eric & me at Soup Plantation Celebrating all the Summer Birthdays
Jamin, A.J., Tony & Me at Neptune's Net on a Beautiful Day
Doesn't he look good holding Dodd & Amy's baby Micah?!
I LOVE when the clouds look like this!!

I took these pictures by the costco gas station after the beach
Sisters Enjoying a Day at the Beach
Grandpa & Grandma Hancock & Me at Neptunes Net
Daddy & Me


Vanessa said...

Glad you had fun, Shelsi! Don't you just love when family comes to visit! You are so cute...I love those bubble and cloud pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I missed all the fun, but am happy you had such quality time with the rest of the family. You look so happy and healthy - Praise the dear Lord. My heart is full of gratitude for the new gift of life you have been given and for the joy shared by family and friends. Love you so much - see you all tomorrow for Kira's baby shower.

Davianne said...

You guys look like you're having so much fun. That's good.
I didn't know Kira was pregnant again! Tell her congratulations for me! Does she know what she's having? Sept is a great month! Well, it's not fun being pregnant during the summer but it's a good b-day month because that's when mine is.

Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

Your hair looks so good! I love your sunset picture.